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AGWO Donations| Empowered women, make other women empowered| Girl power

As India attempts to recover from the pandemic, women should be at the core of its system of guaranteeing activities. The AGWO donations helped these families and women in bringing their lives back on track. To further develop the lives of Indian women and encourage them, for the well-being of the society and growth. AGWO is working as a repudiated NGO working for the underprivileged for giving them a better life. Our organization is serving the people in need since 2007 and has helped a lot many individuals.

AGWO DonationsWhy there is a need for women’s empowerment?

Despite being a common emergency, the COVID-19 pandemic affects women immensely, the evidence shows. Globally, women’s jobs are 19% more at risk than men’s, and the lack of orientation is expected to worsen well into 2030. The Ebola crisis showed that women are likely to be in delayed unemployment or leave the workforce. In India, where support for women’s workforce fell to its lowest level in the most recent fifty years in 2017/2018.

The AGWO supports women’s Empowerment. If any person need urgent help we help them through our AGWO donations. As India opens up and tries to get back to work better, it must put women at the core of its post-COVID-19 monetary recovery method.

General health, thoughts have put countries around the world in a difficult position to strike a compromise. Between saving lives and saving businesses. India is the world’s second-most crowded country. And, was forced into a public lockdown in March 2020 to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

This began staging a reopening in July 2020. The country’s GDP has decreased by 23.9% year on year. The main quarter of 2020-21 (April-June), with combinations, development, and administration. Such as exchange, housing, and transport contracts in the range of 40%-half.

Women are facing monstrous work and paying misfortune. Between March and April 2020, 15.4 million women lost their positions, or 37% of the female labor force, versus 28% of men. The workforce decreased by 10.5% for women versus 2% for men between October 2019 and October 2020. Women are jobless in the lower section of the society. And has to face various difficulties to run their families as they men were also not working and were jobless.

Our AGWO donations are helping many lives by providing women them with a better standard of living, feeding them on daily basis at the time of their crisis so that no one sleeps empty stomach. Bringing approaches that straightforwardly benefit ladies into the standard. This could change the story of India’s turn of events while working in ladies’ lives. Your donation helps us in providing the basic necessity to the needy. Along with, empowering women and girls we distribute food between the people living in slums. Our NGO distributed safety kits to the women living in slums.

For detailed information, log in to  which is our official website. For daily updates of our work, you can follow our social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. To donate procedures, click on the below link We thank our donors and urge the readers to come forward and help us in helping the poor. You can volunteer with us and if you have any feedback or suggestion, you can write us at


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