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Social Justice Nonprofit Organizations On Empowering Women and Nation

Social Justice Nonprofit Organizations

Women’s empowerment mostly means the practice of fostering women’s independence so they may manage their lives independently and without interference from their families or society. In plain terms, it gives women the authority to direct their own self-improvement. AGWO, one of the social Justice Nonprofit Organizations that empowers women, believes...

Rahat Diaries – Apr 2023

A Giggle Welfare Organization works to promote and improve the social and political conditions of the society on a broad scale focusing on all the issues concerning human rights, social, environmental and advocacy.  In April 2023, we distributed daily food, women hygiene kits to numerous poor families.  You can view our work here :...

Social Justice Nonprofit Organizations on Social and Economic Inequality

Social Justice nonprofit organization

India is one of the world’s most populous democratic countries, with the biggest written constitution. India is a huge country with many resources, natural characteristics, and wildlife. It is said to as a “multiculturalism “of many cast, creeds, and cultures. Inequalities in social and economic status have persisted in India since history and persist...

AGWO NGO Working for Education of Unprivileged Children

NGO working for education

India with highest number of youth population, as the world’s youngest country, India has great standards for the youth’s actively participating in cultural processes.The population explosion of youth with different needs, combined with the near complete lack of learning and skill career advancement for them, makes youngsters education a challenging...

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