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A Giggles Welfare Organization| Charity| Generosity, and Helpfulness

CharityThe charity word doesn’t need any introduction. It defines itself very well. Doing charity can improve someone’s life. Helping the helpless is the most decent work. You give someone without asking them. In a “ME” world you care for “ALL”. Isn’t that great?

AGWO believes in the word Generosity and Helpfulness. These two terms are the perfect complement to the word charity. A person who believes in charity is generous. It’s praiseworthy if you believe in charity and charitable work. A Giggles Welfare Organization works for the person with different disabilities.

The charity helps in building a bridge between the poor and their necessity. We provide low-income families with their necessities. A famous quote from the Great Dalai Lama “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion”. This means if you want to be happy then care for others and make them happy. Your help will never go useless it will make someone’s life beautiful.

These low-income families seek others for their survival needs. Our NGO volunteers help them by providing them with daily needs. Daily needs like Food, Clothes, some medicines, and monthly rations. We urge our readers to come forward for charity and help these families Giggle again.

Generosity and helpfulness contribute to mental peace. Making others feel happy will give you immense pleasure. It also promotes social connections and improves relationships. Poor people need love, care, and support. They are also part of our society. They should be treated equally without being judged in society.

We have faiths in ourselves that through our initiatives we would help the poor all over India. They get abducted by many things due to various circumstances. NGO volunteers help the low-income group family in getting the daily survival.

Steps to practice Generosity

Give something sensitive to the other person

The thing which is no use to you might be important and sensitive to others in need. As a responsible organization, we follow in the footsteps of UNICEF. They work for the disadvantaged children of the world. We look after every disadvantaged child and family by supporting them. Giving something does not always mean that you have to give material things only. This means you can invest your care and love for these poor families.

Charity harnesses the power of community

We urge people to come forward to help low-income families because it can impact the lives of many. We understand the power of community, when many people come together they make a great team. And this good team helps in making good decisions for the welfare of poor people. This inspires others to join and encourages more charity.

The charity helps communities become supportable

The people who are engaged in helping the others charity help them in supporting them. It builds a strong base for the charitable foundation. When an organization is providing any kind of support all they need is a donation. With the help of the charity, an NGO provides educational supplies, food, and much more need.

  • Charity teaches the next generation about generosity

In the world of “me” people, this is very important to teach our future about being generous. Every one of us daily goes through some road where there they cross a poor family. But, rarely someone does care for them or their survival. We should teach our children to be generous and helpful towards them. This will create more kindness in the world.

Charity reduces poverty

Non-governmental organizations are very effectively reducing poverty in the economy. This intakes to focus on areas like food, and education to tackle the problem of poverty. When in a nation, there is less number of illiterates’ people the poverty is less. That means poverty and education are inversely proportional to each other. If one goes up automatically the other one will get down.

Charity brings attention to the most serious issues

The charity encourages a sense of helping others. Many people need help everyone around them. Despite this, many people do not understand the seriousness of the issues to help. Good cause is important because it brings issues to light and empowers givers to take care of them.

Noble cause safeguards general wellbeing

The absence of admission to great medical services is no joke. This includes regenerative considerations, dental considerations, and precautionary medical services. Problems like contaminated water are also continuously causing trouble to countless people. When individuals are not healthy, it affects every part of their life and fills the gap. A noble cause focuses on well-being through antibody programs. Like clean water and other service allow the network to work on their lives.

Good cause guarantees common freedoms

Ordinary freedom is not something that needs to be achieved. These privileges include the right to life, training, work, and free discourse. Many causes center on the basics of life such as the sanctuary, food, water, and schooling. The charity helps the people of the country by providing the essentials. This is why charity is so important.

The charity improves gender equality

Orientation imbalance stays one of the world’s most serious issues. This is a major problem, especially n India. Young Girls and women have usually discriminated many places. Such as in rural areas, many families, especially divide the work based on gender. Our NGO supports women through various initiatives for their upliftment. Gender equality gives equal opportunities to girls. There are still many young girls who did not get an opportunity to go outside and explore things.

The charity improves racial equality

Racial inequality is almost everywhere. People have fallen into the trap of scarcity due to historic and systemic racism. Often, racial minorities are essential to the country’s most vulnerable populations. Charitable help works on racial fairness by turning to ways racial minorities. Activities include campaigning for more liberal regulation. Also by providing substantive support, and offering a free legalized illustration.


Charity for good reason is offering assets like time and cash without expecting. The charity serves poor people and guarantees their basic needs of people. Associations based on this belief are philanthropic. And this means that they do not benefit financially from the gifts employed for the cause they serve.

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