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AGWO is working as a health and fitness nonprofit organization to help the poor in need. A Giggle Welfare Organization is serving poor people and families since 2007. We strive to empower the women and girls in our society. Our main concern, for now, is to focus on the health and fitness of the individuals. We as an NGO working for underprivileged children and families.

Health and fitness nonprofit organizations

How has AGWO contributed to health and fitness nonprofit organization?

We all have suffered from the impact of Covid. During the first lockdown, many people lost their lives along with their job. If a family loses a person how heartbreaking is this, AGWO supported these families and help them in bringing their smiles back. The Covid’s impact has been slowed down, but some people are still affected. During the Covid wave, AGWO supported life of many families who were living on the roads of Delhi/NCR.

A Giggle Welfare Organization provides nutritious food to the people living in slums. We provided a proper monthly food items to the families in need in terms of monthly ration. These families are not able to buy the food items for meeting their hunger. Providing food not only eradicates their hunger. But also protects them from very severe diseases like Malnutrition.

3 harmful effects of hunger on the body


  • Hunger influences your emotional well-being

Facing hunger can be excruciating. The constant agonizing over where your next dinner will come from can lead to psychological wellness issues like sadness, restlessness, and even post-traumatic stress jumble (PTSD). The American Academy of Pediatrics revealed that among mothers, who experienced excessive craving with mature children in school, 56.2% are bound to have PTSD, and 53.1% have severe grief. Failure to care for one’s friends and family can affect a person’s emotional well-being.

  • Appetite’s Effects on Your Body Impact School Performance

It’s hard to gather at school when you’re curious. The rumbling of the stomach makes children crooked, hyperactive, and strong. These social issues can take children from their daily schedules to creative delays and learning disabilities. Half of the children experiences the craving which give them a great change. Also, signs that a child is struggling with craving can be difficult to recognize regularly.

  • Hunger Increases Your Risk of Chronic Diseases

According to the research, there is a solid link between hunger and ongoing diseases such as high blood pressure, coronary disease, and diabetes.  Missing a meal, the more severe hunger affects their psyche and body.

Our NGO is bringing positive change in the lives of disabled children. Disability is a condition in which the person and their family both suffer. The normal day-to-day activities became very difficult for them. Our organization helps these children to fight with their disabilities.  Our special educators work on their development and fine motor skills so that they become independent.  Not only physiotherapy, speech therapy and various activities is planned for the growth and development of a child.  Regular parents and child bounding is taken care of through one on-one sessions.  Improvisation metric is monitored for each and every child on a monthly basis.

In case we got to know about some case, then we help the child because they are the future.

The AGWO is a health and fitness nonprofit organization working for safeguarding the people of society. We organize various kinds of programs which help the children take part and know their weaknesses and strength. AGWO promotes girl education. Educating a girl impact the life of the rest of the family member. Education is the only way to bring these children out of the wheel of poverty. Education brings self-confidence to individuals.

Our NGO is striving to bring giggles to the face of every individual in need. We provide counseling at our Rehabilitation centers to make them physically and mentally fit and healthy. Donate to us. For daily updates, you can follow our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Visit our website for more

Information. For donation click on the link below and help us in bringing giggles to the face of these children and families.


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