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Money makes the world go round. You must have heard this phrase sometime in your life. Money is used in exchange for goods and services. As you grow up, you begin to see how much money really matters for survival.

Its true, that one needs to learn how to stand up on their feet and earn themselves a living but think of those lives who because of this very dearth lead a painful existence.  Today, millions of lives are at stake because of the lack of money. Life does not always go according to plan and unfortunately sometimes some mistakes in life cost us a lot, poverty is a social issue which anyone can become vulnerable to at any point of their life.

Sometimes, bad habits like gambling, substance abuse and other such habits can lead to a phase where we have nothing left to go on or survive on.

Then there are others who lack basic necessities like food, water, clothes and shelter, things we take for granted ever since we’re born. If given the right resources, the services which money buys, like education, health etc. imagine the lives that could help not just each other but grow and live a decent life.

Human beings are never satisfied with what they have already, but sometimes its necessary to look beyond ourselves for the greater good. Its true what they say, what goes around comes around. If today you help someone, someone somewhere will help you too when you need it.

Monetary funding goes a long way in helping the poor gradually take control of their life and gain a sense of independence and growth. The government is tackling it at a broader level but even if for a day we part with a little amount so much as 10 or 20 rupees, it funds their food for a day or so.

If you bless your money away, it blesses you manifold too. One blessing for doing a good deed can eradicate the pain of another and use your money for creating a bank full of values, growth and progress like never before. It all begins with one step, and the direction towards change follows. Poverty can be eradicated even with one person and even with so much as one rupee, yes, even in today’s times.

Basic needs lead one to empowerment and power gives courage and strength to face life and its challenges with ease and at the end of the day be it rich or poor, each one of our lives strive for a healthy, hassle free existence and one less distinction to create in an already divided world.

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