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World Health Association| AGWO NGO provides counseling for Dyslexia

World Health AssociationAGWO supports the work of the World Health Association in giving the poor a better life. A Giggles Welfare Organization provides counseling to patients with dyslexia. Dyslexia means having problems with reading and writing. A patient with dyslexia openly faces problems in identifying and writing similar words. Dyslexia affects the functioning of the brain properly. That creates problems in daily normal work.

Dyslexia is one of the most well-known learning disabilities. The severity of dyslexia can vary from mild to extreme. The sooner dyslexia observed, the better the outcome. Dyslexia may go undetected in the starting grades of tutoring. Children can have trouble knowing how to confuse.

Types of Dyslexia according to World Health Association:-

Phonological dyslexia

Phonetic dyslexia is a degenerative disorder that results in phonological impairment. The singular features of language become ‘sticky’ and crumble.

Surface dyslexia

Surface dyslexia is a special type of dyslexia. A character by trouble with complete word acknowledgment. Similar words create more problem for persons suffering from dyslexia.

Rapid naming deficit

This is also called Quick Mechanized Naming (RAN). This describes having trouble naming things like numbers, letters, and vowels quickly. It may take longer to name them one after the other.  This also creates problem to handling speed of words.

Double deficit dyslexia

The dual deficits of dyslexia cause both rapid naming and phonological impairments. People who have both of these deficits show more prominent confounding constraints.

What causes Dyslexia?

This often runs in the family, which means it is a kind of genetic disorder. This is most likely to happen when your siblings, family members, or parents have already done this. The World Health Association understands the seriousness and helps the child in better development.

Signs of Dyslexia:-

  • A face problem with saying words like “buddy tear” instead of “teddy bear”.
  • Struggling to name recognizable articles and use common words. Like things and stuff all things in common
  • Struggling to learn nursery rhymes or tune that rhyme.
  • Experience difficulty remembering succession, such as singing the letters of a letter set.
  • Face difficulties to follow or describe stories in a proper valid request.
  • They experience problems in remembering with similar words.
Case study:-

AGWO supported many children who were suffering from Dyslexia. A child who belongs to a poor family was fighting with this disorder. His parents were unaware of the situation and they thought they cannot handle the situation. He was growing, but he was not behaving like normal children. He faces difficulties in binding his shoe laces, catching a bowl etc.

His family was not able to understand on their own that what is happening. Due to lack of resources his family was not able to provide him treatment. His family was completely hopeless. Then one day when volunteers of our NGO observed that kid. We are already in contact with such type of children so we can identify them easily. Volunteers contacted his parents and asked to send his child at our rehabilitation center.

After one day his family came to us for counseling. The team of doctors is now helping that kid. He now gradually understands things which he faces difficulties earlier. He was happy along with his family. We urge everyone to help each other in their bad times. Your hard work and help will always pay you back. Support to persons in need.


Our NGO follows the footsteps of the World Health Association. We help disabled persons by training them. We train and counsel them so that they can get able to do their work. Helping patients with dyslexia is very important. As the activities that are normal for their age, kids might be difficult for them. Dyslexia hits differently at different ages to the children. These children need our support and love. With a little support and love, these children can get a beautiful future.

Usually, parents do not understand the problem of Dyslexia at a very early stage. This may cause a bad impact on the life and mind of the person suffering from dyslexia. Our NGO helps the parents and the child both to understand the best way to deal with this disability. This is very important to treat these kids as equal to the normal ones. AGWO help these families and their children in better survival. You can also become a part of us by volunteering or donating. Follow our social media sites for getting daily updates. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. click On:


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