The word makes you immediately picture people on wheelchairs or who are not in the best of conditions. Disability is a broad term which not only means not being able enough to live a fully functioning life but also who are restricted by society to live a normal life.

There are people who live their whole lives not being able to walk, hear, see, smell, think clearly or develop as healthy individuals. We start to see them as different from normal, which restricts them more than their own problem or difficulty.

You can already begin to imagine how they begin to accept and live their reality knowing they won’t be able to fit in society easily and facing more than their fair share of challenges.

Ability is the quality of being ‘able’ to do something and since we are blessed with being able, we should walk a mile in their shoes and then begin to trace back all that we can help create for them.

Awareness precedes change they say, acceptance makes things easier, once we accept reality, we can take a step forward to make their lives enriched in a way where their disabilities won’t affect them with such intensity.

Its hard to embrace humaneness and easier to preach but when you list a world of possibilities to people who may or may not have faith, from the path of uncertainty are sure of something more certain to look forward to, that’s when great things happen

Physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and in every way possible of existing, you can make the disabled able enough to live their life turning their weakness into strengths and holistically view them as one of us like they always were.