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Chetna-Empowering Women

Women consist of a major and a very important part of the world population and their participation in the development of mankind is very essential at all levels but extremely critical at the grass root level.   Most of the women at the grass root level are not imparted with good education and other rights as they are dominated by male society and suffer from gender inequality.

Women have played a vital role in development of society since ancient times. Their contribution has been exceptional at all times but the irony is that they have never been appreciated in male-dominated society because of their gender. Gender inequality has been the major cause of women community being left underdeveloped in most parts of the world. Because of these inequalities women are far away from enjoying their human rights like education, right to live, speech and various other basic rights.

We here at A Giggles Welfare Organisation  support the first and second generation’s rights of women which includes the further written rights :

  • Life : Being able to live to the end of human life of normal length: not dying prematurely, or before one’s life is so reduced as to be not worth living.
  • Bodily Health : Being able to have good health including reproductive health, to be adequately nourished, to have adequate shelter
  • Bodily Integrity : Being able to move freely from place to place, to be secure against violent assault, including sexual assault and domestic violence; having opportunities for satisfaction and for choice in matters of reproduction.
  • Senses, Imagination and Thought : Being able to use the sense, to imagine, think and reason in a truly human way including but not limited to literacy. Being able to use one’s mind and imagination protected by freedom of expression
  • Emotions : Being able to have attachments, to love, to grieve to experience longing gratitude and justified anger. Not having one’s emotional development blighted by fear and anxiety.
  • Practical Reason : Being able to form a conception of the good and to engage in critical reflection about planning of one’s life’s protected by liberty of conscience.
  • Affiliation : Being able to live with and toward others to have social interactions, to have the capability of both justice and friendship. This would entail freedom of assembly and free speech.
  • Having social bases for self-respect and non-humiliation, being protected against discrimination on the basis of race sexual orientation religion caste or region.
  • Other Species : Being able to concern with nature.
  • Play : Being able to laugh, play and enjoy.
  • Control over one’s environment.
  • Political : Being able to participate effectively in political choices that govern one’s life, having the right to political participation, protection of free speech and association.
  • Material : Being able to hold property to seek employment on equal bases and having freedom from unwarranted search and seizure. In work, being able to work as human being, exercising practical reason and entering into meaningful relationships of mutual recognition with the workers.

It has been emphasized that women all over the world have been short shifted and have not found support for their central human functions. Women are capable of these functions given sufficient, nutrition, education and other support. Women are most often not treated as subjects. Women are as capable as men of exercising will, controlling desires and taking decisions but males enjoy support of social institutions and women are excluded as the ‘other’. Women are often not treated as “ends in themselves” persons with dignity who deserve respect from laws and institutions instead they are treated instrumentally as reproducers, caregivers, sexual receivers, agents of family’s general prosperity.

Come forward with us and support the women for their fundamental rights.

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