Contribute for Assam and Bihar Flood Relief Fund.

AIDS Awareness Camps

Help to raise awareness about the disease and forms of combating it to avoid social stigma and reduce anxiety among individuals in society.

  • HIV/AIDS remains a major developmental challenge affecting all sectors. By the end of the year 2011, at least 36 million people worldwide were living with HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS, 2011). Positive results are beginning to be seen in India.
  • In the absence of a cure, prevention has become the principle strategy of dealing with the HIV/AIDS problem. This is done through HIV/AIDS education as a social vaccine that mainly targets children below 14 years of age.
  • A Giggles Welfare Organisation advocates for a multi-sectoral approach to dealing with the HIV/AIDS problem, efforts by the Volunteers have been noteworthy. They include: HIV/AIDS awareness program in red light areas, and education about safe practices.