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Rahat Diaries – Jul 2023

A Giggles Welfare Organization has made a tremendous effort to giggle and put a smile on the face of the needy for the month of July. The group is attempting to meet the needs of underprivileged areas at an unusual moment when people are preparing to get back on track following the pandemic. Because of your unselfish contribution, we were able to assist needy...

Rahat Diaries – Jun 2023

A Giggles Welfare Organization is concerned about the plight of the needy and underprivileged ones. Our aim is to respond to every poor’s need. Like every other month, this June we have carried out our welfare works with our donor’s blessings. Looking ahead until June 2023, we will have supplied daily nutritional food to the poor and needy. And have...

Rahat Diaries – May 2023

A Giggles Welfare Organization is genuinely concerned about the fate of the less fortunate. This caring nature of the organization drives us to keep doing welfare activities for the needy. If you look at the month of May we have continued our support to the poor by distributing nutritious meals and good clothes to the poor. Also, we have provided OPD service for...

Rahat Diaries – Apr 2023

A Giggle Welfare Organization works to promote and improve the social and political conditions of the society on a broad scale focusing on all the issues concerning human rights, social, environmental and advocacy.  In April 2023, we distributed daily food, women hygiene kits to numerous poor families.  You can view our work here :...

Rahat Diaries – Mar 2023

AGWO, an NGO for underprivileged children, is aiming to change the lives of disadvantaged children and people living in poverty-stricken areas of different parts of India. In the month of March 2023, we have distributed food stuff to poor people and hygiene kits to the needy.  We are hoping to create value for their lives and also trying to make them...

Rahat Diaries – Feb 2023

We at AGWO  use integrated approaches to address the many underlying causes of malnutrition and employ evidence-based strategies to improve access to safe and nutritious food through our food distribution drive.   You can view our work for February 2023 here :

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