Address and PAN Information are required to generated receipts for Income Tax Deductions.

If you have donated and not received receipt you can send us a message at Ph No :08595919260 or [email protected].

Upcoming Events

We are planning to manage the below mentioned activity in very near future:- Free Eye Checkup Camps in various slums of Delhi/NCR. Free Cataract Surgery Camps in slums of Delhi/NCR in association with Rotary Eye Care Unit. Food Distribution Camps Cloth Distribution Camps Association with Seva Ashram Association with Guru Vishram Vridh Ashram Artificial Limbs...

Current Events

Events and Activities are done regularly in order to make our society more prominent and  balanced, these events are done in association with certain organizations and with the help of generous donors and volunteers. Below mentioned are the List of Current Events which gets change time to time. Fundraising in process for a 7 years old girl Anjali who is...

Blood Donation

A Giggles Welfare Organisation , with the support of a team from the Cardio-Neuro Centre, AIIMS, organised a blood donation camp in sector 19 ,  Noida on this occasion 105 volunteers donated blood and they were distributed T-shirt and refreshments by the medical team.

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