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Last winter I had the opportunity to see AGWO in action. They had come to the night shelter run for the homeless in Delhi. It had been a cold winter and they had come with blankets which they distributed there. They also had a stall for food which also was distributed among the poor.
Harinder Singh,
AGWO works in the field of women empowerment. They have come to our locality with some self-help groups. They network with the anganwadi people and also some mahilamandals and do excellent work. They run a school for the children of construction workers.
Vivek Chacko,
If there were more people like AGWO workers, the lives of the orphan children in cities would be better. They hold pavement classes every day. Study materials are also distributed by them. The staff also talks to the local leaders about prevention of diseases like dengue etc.
Riaz Mohammed,
It was recently that I came to know of AGWO. I live near their office and I see the staff working very hard unloading medicines, books and clothes which they distribute in the nearby slums. They are very organised and devoted. Our maid’s children get their mid-day meal from AGWO.
Ashoke Sen,
Organizations like AGWO are able to have a positive impact on society. We donate to them every year because we are convinced that they do good work. I have volunteered to help them during vacations. Our school supports them.
Krishnan Unni,
I’m a student in a government school. My books were donated by AGWO people. Because of them I am able to study. My brother also got a set of uniforms from them. When my grandfather was sick, they took him to hospital. Now he is well. They gave him glasses to wear.
AGWO arranged for a blood donation camp in our hospital on Independence Day. The young people who work there are very committed. Many volunteers took part and I was impressed by the organisation. We need more such people in our country.
Vinay Bisht,
When my colleague talked about AGWO, I was not sure about who they were. But a visit to their office convinced me beyond doubt. They have such zeal and passion to help the poor. The medical visits the slums around our house regularly.
Thomas Verghese,
I donated clothes to AGWO and they invited me to go and see some of their activities. Very commendable work they do. They are very systematic and thorough. I plan to support them next year also. They work to improve the lives of people in the poorer areas of the town.
Malini Kumar,
I am very impressed by the organized way in which staff from AGWO has been helping people who live in the slums close to where I live. Very often I see youngsters teaching the children from the slums. They also have a free medicine distribution centre for the slum dwellers.
Akhil Mehta,
Organization like AGWO is doing a great job, wish them good luck.
Robin Singh, Delhi
I'm happy with AGWO efforts in motivating underprivileged children to go to school and take proper education. Also, the organization makes sure that no children will sleep empty-stomached. Besides this, they have impressed me with their consistent efforts in changing the future of needy children.
Mandeep Sawant,

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