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About NGO in | Services, we provide poor people as a charitable NGO


About NGO in

This is about NGO in , A Giggles Welfare Organization, which serves mankind. We as an NGO strive to serve individuals and youth living in the ghetto. NGO are non-governmental organization that provides services free of cost. NGOs are important in India and fulfill the vital need of society. A definite aim of our NGO is to provide immense help to minorities. These people are extremely poor and cannot survive on their own.

Food is important for humans to work to their full potential.
Knowing the reality, we provide the cooked food in the ghettos. We feed delicious and quality food to 5000 families and children every day. To protect them from hunger and diseases caused by frequent starvation. Our NGO engages people for their privileges and fairness. The fight against the practice of Sati, dowry, and other social threats are some of the models. Educating women, reducing the rate of female feticide, working for women, etc. Is the main goal of NGOs. Training is the best way to make women financially independent. Making them financially autonomous is the best way to get their future. For this, we provide free schooling to children living in ghetto areas. We are doing our best to remove the direction of inequality from society.

Services provided by A Giggles Welfare Organization:

1. Food Distribution
2. Special Medical Help for disabled children
3. Educational supplies
4. Empowerment of women
5. Tree plantation
6. Moral support and counseling
7. Free transportation facility to the patients of the Delhi/ NCR regions.

The initiatives of NGOs bring improvement in the condition of our country. Come forward and help these families in getting a better life. Many needy persons do not get proper food and clinical supplies, our NGO helps them. The best part about NGOs is that our campaigns are making a difference in society. Our NGO plays a vital role in taking care of the people. We look after their basic needs for better survival. They play a major role in giving voice to depressed persons.

It is one of the components of the NGO which ensures that the public authority is responsible. We help poor free of cost which is best about NGO In. We are the only hope of these underprivileged families. Our NGO makes children engage in extra co-curricular activities like painting, art & craft, and games so that they can have an overall growth & development.

Binding Up About NGOs in India

Our NGO strives to help every poor person in need for which we need your support. The facts confirm that people consciously consider themselves to be mentally strong. Giving moves to individuals along with valuable benefits. The wonderful feeling of presenting and connecting with society is incomparable. You need to visit our website and help them by donating to us for them.

You can see our work on our online entertainment stages. Our NGO regularly energized daily on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can visit our site to get more information. Come forward and these families and children.

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