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India Rehab Centre-A Healing Touch

A Giggles Welfare organization is an effort to lay a positive foundation of change in the field of rehabilitation for the disabled underprivileged kids, we believe that happiness for the life time can only be achieved by helping and enriching the next generation…

Some of us give our time, some money and some skills, but ultimately we strongly feel everyone has something to give to these kids in needs. Most importantly working or contributing for Giggles does not translate to sacrificing personal lives or needs…

Giggles Doors are always open, if you feel that you can fill the gap of a missing drop, COME JOIN US……

A Giggles welfare organization is a registered non profit, non government organization working extensively in the field of disability rehabilitation, HIV/AIDS awareness for prevention, care giving facilities to people suffering from such disease.

The team of Giggles Rehabilitation center is having experience of more than 15years in field of treatment and rehabilitation of disabled children.

A Giggles Welfare Organisation was established in 2007 to offer services for children with impairments. Giggles means a smile, a smile makes one’s day; it brings us back to life, more so if it’s a child’s giggle. Our center has taken up the endeavor to bring back the lovely giggle back on the faces of our special children and their parents through our services at Giggles Rehabilitation Center. As a private agency we provide special education as well as therapies to these mentally and physically disabled children, our staff members have a variety of backgrounds (special education, counseling, early childhood development and psychology etc.). They are all certified (or in process of) with the Rehabilitation council of India.

Some additional staff acts as consults or mentors as needed in various areas like occupational therapy, physiotherapy, neurodevelopment therapy, sensory integration therapy, speech therapy etc. These consultants are available at our rehab center or on call to our rehabilitation center.

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