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About Us

How It Started

Shocking incidents and birth of A Giggles Welfare Organization It was a cold morning of February here at Delhi, Devastated, confused… no choice but to face stark reality… such was the state of the parents of the third world born Ashish who was just one hour old when his living began to be a huge […]


Our mission is to create value oriented quality of living for individuals through community mobilization, and sustainable resource management through participatory governance. Core emphasis given to participation as a whole, education for all, and social capital formation under a holistic system adopted by the organization, to enable people to take responsibility for the situation of the […]


Awareness about some of the deadliest diseases like AIDs, Cancer and HIV is created amongst the people by running and setting up camps all through the country. Slum, poor and street children are provided education free of cost at secondary, primary and higher secondary levels at the schools. Medical camps are run free of cost […]

The Dream

We dream to open one of the biggest hospitals (approx.350bedded) in Delhi for providing free medical treatment to the under privileged children from all across the country and to bring back the giggles on as many faces as we can. This dream will meet the reality as all the efforts are being made by the […]

Where It’s Going

India has a long history of battling diseases and for a long time life expectancy in India was dismally low. Maternal health indexes and child mortality rates have been one of the lowest, coming in lower than that of Saharan Africa. We plan to change all that by concentrating on maternal and child health. Our […]

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