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If you have donated and not received receipt you can send us a message at Ph No :08595919260 or [email protected]

Rahat Diaries – Jul 2022

AGWO  providing NGO services in India to economically challenged families. We strive to provide every necessity from which these poor families get deprived.  In the month of July 2022 we distributed free nutritional food, supplementary nutrient drink, books, clothes to people who need it the most.  You can view our work here :...

Rahat Diaries – Jun 2022

Supporting low-income families through A Giggle Welfare Organization, we aim to provide every necessary item to the people of slums. Here, you will see the services that are completed through AGWO Donations. People in slums live miserable lives and donations makes their life a little easier and more comfortable. This will help in their betterment.   In June...

Rahat Diaries – May 2022

A Giggle Welfare Organization works to promote and improve the social and political conditions of the society on a broad scale focusing on all the issues concerning human rights, social, environmental and advocacy.  In May 2022, we distributed daily food, women hygiene kits to numerous poor families.  You can view our work here :...

Rahat Diaries – Apr 2022

We strive to provide a better standard of living to the people living in slums. Our organization believes in equality for every citizen living in India.  We provide several services that help the children living in slums like daily feeding people, counselling them on health issues etc.  You can view our work for April 2022 month here :...

Rahat Diaries – Mar 2022

AGWO conducts relief programs in Delhi/ NCR & Meerut regions where we distribute food daily to the hungry ones and destitute underprivileged kids and will continue doing all these even in the future.  You can view our work here :

Rahat Diaries – Feb 2022

We at AGWO, aiming to change the lives of disadvantaged children and people living in poverty-stricken areas of different parts of India. In the month of February 2022, we have distributed food stuff to poor people and given nutritional diet to numerous families to build immunity post Covid treatment on a daily basis.  Our volunteers have guided people on...

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