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Rahat Diaries – Jan 2024

We aim to make this country a paradise to live in by eradicating the problems of hunger, inequalities in the society and by providing the needy with food, ration, clothes, blankets etc.  In the month of January 2023, we served numerous families fighting for livelihood. You can view our work here:...

Rahat Diaries – Dec 2023

A Giggles Welfare Organization has been actively involved in combating India’s hunger problem for the past eight years. While we cannot eliminate all causes of hunger in India, we can do our best to alleviate what we can. Through our food programs, we are able to feed thousands of children per day and many lakhs per year.  Also through our clothing and...

Rahat Diaries – Nov 2023

In November, AGWO made significant strides in its NGO initiatives, focusing on humanitarian efforts. The Blanket Distribution Program provided warmth to vulnerable communities. Daily Feeding Program ensured food security, while the OPD Support Drive enhanced healthcare accessibility. These efforts reflect AGWO’s commitment to holistic community well-being...

Rahat Diaries – Oct 2023

October, AGWO, a non-governmental organization, made impactful strides in community development. Achievements included successful implementation of health awareness campaigns, educational initiatives, and sustainable livelihood programs. Collaborative efforts with local partners fostered positive change, reinforcing AGWO’s commitment to empowering...

Rahat Diaries – Sep 2023

In September, AGWO contributed significantly to community welfare through initiatives like the Daily Feeding Program, Blood Donation Drive, Clothes Distribution Drive, and OPD Support Drive. The organization actively engaged in various social activities, demonstrating a commitment to making a positive impact and fostering well-being within the community.  For...

Rahat Diaries – Aug 2023

In this world of plenty, let’s end the life threatening hunger by serving the people in need. In the month of August 2023, we have distributed daily nutritional food, medicines to poor and needy people. You can view our work here :

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