Address and PAN Information are required to generated receipts for Income Tax Deductions.

If you have donated and not received receipt you can send us a message at Ph No :08595919260 or [email protected].


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Non-governmental organizations have neither the funding nor the reach of the organizations that work under the auspices of the government. We are completely dependent on the generosity of individuals, corporate houses, educational institutions and philanthropic organizations. We welcome donations, large and small. You can make your contributions in several ways. Donations are exempt from Income Tax under relevant sections.

  • By DD
  • By cheques
  • By a legacy mentioned in a will

Apart from these donations of money which are general in nature, you can also adopt a particular programme that we have launched. When you do this, you ensure that your donation is utilized in a particular way that is close to your heart. Birthdays, anniversaries and weddings are all happy occasions. You can bring in a ray of happiness into the lives of many by contributing to our welfare programmes.

We have a programme where medicines are distributed free to indigent old people after a medical check-up. You can contribute medicines, wheel chairs and other equipment that we may need from time to time. 85% of the world’s visually impaired people live in India just because they have no resources to cover a cataract operation that costs mere Rs 1000 and is over in 15 minutes. This is a specific donation you can make. Many individuals these days develop cataract in their fifties when their productive period is still not over. Getting their sight back will make them productive again and regain their independence.

Day care centers and Old Age Homes are becoming a reality in India as in Western countries. This is a capital intensive venture for which contributions are needed from many. We support many Old Age Homes by way of financial assistance and logistical help. Doctors and nursing staff can help with their services during their free time.

Traders and retailers take the opportunity to contribute produce and clothing that we regularly distribute in slums. In towns where winter is severe, blankets are always welcomed by us. We regularly help the homeless who sleep on pavements. In partnership with the local governments, we assist in the management of night shelters.

Bank Details :

Beneficiary / Name on the account A GIGGLES WELFARE ORGANISATION
Type of account Savings
Account Number 913010048733537
Branch Mayur vihar,New delhi[DL],Plot no.22,LSC Mayur vihar,Phase-2,New Delhi-110091
Branch Code 000296
IFSC Code UTIB0000296
MICR Code 110211033
Beneficiary / Name on the account A GIGGLES WELFARE ORGANISATION
Type of account Savings
Account Number 513202010008663
Branch Sector-15, Noida
Branch Code 551325
IFSC Code UBIN0551325
MICR Code 110026055

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