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Khushal Saini

14 years old boy Khushal saini was suffering from dorso-lumber scoliosis which is a congenital progressive spinal disorder in which patient cannot hold their back and neck straight and sideways bending of spine.  So his treatment was continue in AIIMS hospital from past 6 months and doctor suggested spinal surgery after 1 year but before that he required back and neck support orthotics called Milwaukee brace which was costing about 7500/- .

Khushal belongs from Rewadi (Haryana) his father Vijay Kumar was working in some tailor shop there his monthly income was 3500/- monthly only so that he was searching for help but nobody was helping in AIIMS Hospital and then someone has given reference to our centre where child assessed by our medical team and registered the child and organization given cost for Milwaukee Brace and continued their treatment physiotherapy session also. Now khushal is manage to stand and hold his neck and back straight and doing their exercises for surgery it is also help him to do some activity of daily living.


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