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Support a Life

Master Anugrah

Gender: Male
Age – 1 Year

Master Anugrah, 1 year old boy accidentally came in contact with hot milk, due to this incident, he incurred 30% thermal burns on the abdomen and leg areas. The doctors declared that his body got 2nd and 3rd deep thermal burn injuries. Being only 12 months old, he is tolerating a high level of pain. The parents are from an economically weaker section of society and hence are unable to provide the treatment cost of Rs 2,90,000/-. Would request all donors to come forward for Anugrah and save him so that he can lead a normal life. For more medical details click here.

Master Satya

Gender: Male
Age –1.2 Year

Master Satya, 1 year 2 months old accidentally came in contact with hot dal and was burnt on legs area, hips area, abdomen area, back area. As a result, he got approx 30% thermal burn injuries. The nature of the injury is critical and doctors recommended debridement procedures and further surgeries costing Rs 2,20,000 for a speedy recovery. To know more about the details click here.

Baby Baban

Gender: Female
Age –8 Months

Baby Baban is 8 months old, unfortunately, the child is suffering from anemia-like syndrome. The RBC's are low resulting in lack of haemogloboin. Low level of oxygen in blood and blood is thick. Due to this disorder, the child needs severe observation and medications and is given an estimate of Rs 1,30,460 /- for the treatment. He belongs to a financially feeble family. His father is a bus conductor and not in a condition to bear the overall expenses as they are from a weaker section of our society. Please come forward to help this needy child.

Master Shivansh

Gender: Male
Age – 3.6 Years

Master Shivansh, 3.6 years old child accidentally came in contact with hot milk while playing and got approx. 20-25% burns on the chest, shoulder, face, back, and hand areas. These thermal burns need immediate treatment and skin surgeries to avoid further infections. He belongs to a poor family. His father is not in a condition to bear the overall expenses. Currently, Shivansh's condition demands immediate help, you can view the medical history of this child by clicking here...

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