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If you have donated and not received receipt you can send us a message at Ph No :+91-9355650211 or [email protected].


We arrange different campaigns in various parts of Delhi/NCR to aware people about their social responsibilities and help them understand to make our INDIA a better place to live.

Some of the campaigns organized by us are :

AIDS Awareness Camps

Help to raise awareness about the disease and forms of combating it to avoid social stigma and reduce anxiety among individuals in society. HIV/AIDS remains a major developmental challenge affecting all sectors. By the end of the year 2011, at least 36 million people worldwide were living with HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS, 2011). Positive results are beginning […]

Blood Donation Camp

What better way to lend a helping hand to society than donate blood to those in ominous need of it. A Giggles Welfare Organisation organizes blood donation camps time to tome, at different locations across Delhi/NCR. A recent event was held in connection with the 3rd anniversary celebrations of the World Blood Donors’ day . […]

Children Health Check-up Camps

We organize health check up camps for children. Team of medical practioner headed over this camp. The doctor asses and counsel the patients & their parents. Also refer them to various Hospitals and Institutions to make them avail best of medical services.

Cloth Distribution Camp

We organize cloth distribution camps in slums, orphanages and old age houses. We as an organization strongly feel about destitute and for us nobody should suffer the lack of clothes. As we are born, weather is sensitive for everyone, every body feels heat, cold and rain.So just because they are poor we don’t want they […]

Disability Check-up Camps

Disability check-up health camps in rural and slum areas target the people who are in need but not aware enough to contact the services for help. We provide counseling and vocational guidance to the children suffering from physical and mental problems. We enroll these cases in our center and provide free medical consultancy. We provide […]

Food Distribution Camp

Food distribution camps are often arranged in the nearby and connected slums to Delhi/NCR. Mahatma Gandhi said “There are so much hunger in the world that god can not appear better than in form of bread”. We with the help of generous supporters and volunteers arrange free raw and cooked food distribution time to time […]

Free Study Materials Distribution

Study material, books etc. are frequently distributed to ensure quality education to children in schools and Prodh Shiksha mission. Great enthusiasm has been shown amongst the old while giving especially Mrs. Savita Devi (65) who just couldn’t stop smiling and spreading one through the joy of teaching and giving.

Organ Donation Awareness Camps

We arrange organ donation awareness camps at reachable places and convey the message to the people to come forward to save lives. We aim to raise awareness about the use of safe procedures to donate organs for a noble cause and increase accessibility and facilitation to those in need of organ donors. A nation wide […]

Self Defense Camp In Association with Delhi Police and South District Teakwondow Team

AGWO INITIATED WOMEN SAFETY IN VARIOUS GIRLS COLLEGES IN ASSOCIATION WITH DELHI POLICE Looking at the current brutal situation of capital,  with the help of South Delhi Police and South District Taekwondo Association we organized self defense programs in various girls colleges in order to make them self dependent for any brutal condition with the […]

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