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Under this project we are taking care to facilitate free computer education to economically weaker section students, ensuring that no student is feeling low or ignored from the society. Having said that such student also want to sustain themselves in the modest environment and also want to have good scope for
their future, we ensure that their this dream come true and they need not to think negative just because of their poor financial plight, for us every student is special, every individual is sacred.

Computer Literacy Facts in India and our approach:-
It’s quite sad that only 6.1% of people in India know about basic knowledge of computer.Most of students studying in government schools don’t have enough resource and balanced financial status to learn computer and utilize the same for their future prospective.Computer systems are very costly compared to income levels in India. If and when the systems are available in affordable prices,the penetration of computers will be high in India. It will lead to more computer users and then automatically, the computer illiteracy will be a thing of past. Many NGOs are working towards it and we have also taken a step ahead by our Gyandeep Project.


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