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Patient Summary

Baby Priyanka is a 6 year old girl suffering from a ? metabolic Bone Disease or rickets ( due to deficiency or impaired metabolism of vitamin D, phosphorus or calcium ) leads to Bilateral Genu Varus Deformities( bow legs). his father is working in some private company and she had difficulty in walking and deformity developed in lower limbs.
before few day during routine check up doctor suggested corrective surgery called ” (Corrective Osteotomy B/L distal femur with Lateral closing wedge Osteotomy under G.A ) then surgery has been successfully done on 26/10/ 2013 at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital by Consultant Orthopedic Unit -1 and discharged on 29/10/2013. Now Priyanka is recovering fast day by day with help of physiotherapy rehabilitation at our Rehab Centre..

Case Report

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